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The elections for governor in Puebla are going great for Miguel Barbosa, of MRN. The same party as Lopez Obrador.

Thus far, he outperformed his 2018 results by 8 points. Though this mostly comes from a new coalition with the Green Party, that form 14% of the votes he got.


As a political thermometer, MRN is losing big; in 2018 they ended neck-and-neck to PAN as far as political preference goes. Right now PAN alone is showing a brutal advantage, growing their share from last year by eight points, while MRN is losing one point.

Barbosa is probably going to be the next governor, in no small part thanks to the green party. But really, the elections are a moot point, since only 30% of registered voters actually, erm, voted.

The preliminary results for Baja California aren’t out yet, but we can also expect MRN’s candidate to win. Jaime Bonilla who also served an elected post in California on the other side of the border.

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