Buffer Image.... Sexy exhaust to keep me awake at night

Now, let me preface this with a obvious statement first and foremost, the so called neo-natzi’s are grade A fecal material. Not a single one is worth the air they breathe, the sooner they are dealt with the better.

Now what is getting me annoyed lately is articles like this

And most other articles on The Root.

I agree racism is a HUGE problem in the world, as exemplified by the events this weekend, but articles like this only sow the seeds for more division and separation between racial communities.


This article in particular  

Tries to make the claim these these alt-right ass hats are the norm. The author makes the claim that all white people are like this. So what, just because your not white, you are allowed to generalize all white people as hitler loving, white supremacist f*ck tards??? Yeah, funny how that racism never goes away huh....


The only way this situation is ever going to improve is to open up communication channels between these communities, and cut the group think positive feedback loop that only separates them further. Writing articles generalizing white people does not do a damn thing to help the situation.

Start helping the situation by educating those on both sides of the racial line. Then begin facilitating discussions on how ridiculous racism is to start with. Only then will we ever move away from this ridiculous racial war.

End rant....