I want one of these in real life and not just as a jump.

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On the first bipartisan act of the new legislature, congress-members from Morena and Accion Nacional (MRN and PAN as I call them here) joined together to request that rapists and child molesters be chemically castrated. PAN being the conservative party, and Morena being the “liberals.”

But the President went out and said it was a misguided approach to curving the rising rate of rape and hate crimes against women (specially young and transgender women) in Mexico. Which I... I agree with him? Doesn’t happen often I must say...


Other that:

1. Mexico’s third largest city and biggest pain in the ass is holding a special election (I bet a certain norteño oppo is quite annoyed by the political adverts in Monterrey)


2. Puebla got a new governor in the form of former first lady of Puebla Martha Erika after a highly contested election. the opposition party is saying that there was electoral fraud involved to make sure she won. Governor Erika will be Puebla’s first female governor.

3. A special election in (I wanna say Chiapas?) couldn’t be carried out correctly


4. The Supreme Court called a new budgetary law unconstitutional since it would reduce any salaries within the Federal Government to under 63,000 dollars a year; which is what the President makes. Currently a Supreme Court judge could be expected to earn upwards of 350,000 dollars a year (not including end of year bonuses or any other benefits)

5. The congress passed a set of laws increasing the amount of crimes worthy of mandatory minimum sentencing and it included “corruption” within that definition.

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