On forgiveness.

The reason why I post a G20 is because it’s made in San Luis Potosi, here in Mexico.


San Luis Potosi is a strange state to say the least, and the most famous politician from this state is Congressman Pedro Carrizales. He’s not famous for being the most liberal politician from the state, or for being againts police militarization, or for wanting to be the next governor, or for almost being killed a few days ago...

He’s famous because he’s been arrested multiple times. He used to be in a gang and is also a former drug user. Which is not a good fit for a politician in a country that lived a decade long war on drugs and crime... that ultimately failed.

Anyways. This man makes me question a strange thing that occurs around liberal people, specially in the USA. We find that criminal justice is not fair, and that some sentences are too harsh or misguided. Somehow the federal prison system is not having the effect people want... Which is to reform criminals into law abiding citizens.


Yet we find other offenses like sexual harassment or assault, and racism or racist acts unpardonable. People who were once racist or who in the past did something wrong should be ostracized from society.

You may think that because its a sex crime or a race crime.... they hurt whomever they did that to way too much, or that they can’t be representative of citizens in government anymore. But an exconvict like Carrizales made thousands suffer, but he entered congress as a changed man.


Arround a decade ago, Carrizales began changing, he started pulling people out of gangs, and into drug rehab. He also did community outreach and organized cease fires between gangs. He wronged people... and he tried to find ways to pays society back. I say this knowing that many people never even try to change.

Be it Al Franken or the current governor of Virginia.... How can a person in their position be remorseful of their past, taken accountable for it, and also keep their careers?


It is an uncomfortable question that I really don’t have the answer for. But, if liberals claim to be forgirveful of exconvicts, will they ever forgive people who truly lament their past? Al Fraken and Northam are politicians who can do a lot of good, even if there is a negative side to them.

Both of these people wronged badly, and it’s important that they face consequences. But can they ever come back? Could they ever continue their careers after facing consequences for their actions? Or should they be gone forever?


I ask this without a clear idea of what society should do with them.

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