Maybe the honeymoon is finally over.

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Mexico has a new Supreme Court Justice in the form of Dr. Yasmin Esquivel. She is a very conservative judge and the former chief justice of Mexico City’s Administrative Law Court.

The only problem with her is that she’s Jose Maria Rioboo’s wife. Who is Rioboo? Well, he’s a man that was involved in a myriad of contracts for Mexico City’s elevated ring road during Obrador’s administration as Mayor.


Alike the US, the President must select candidates to the Supreme Court, and the Senate must certify them. Unlike the US, Justices serve 15 year terms rather than life appointments. This means that of the eleven jurists currently serving, Obrador will be able to pick three.

I’ve spoken about him before, he’s not a guy you really want to be associated with when you claim to be a socially liberal, quazi socialist president that also wants to rid the government of corruption.


Nonetheless she was elected with 74% of the votes in the Senate, which is controlled by Obrador’s party. This wierd choice didn’t rid us of partizan politics though.... Members of the conservative party, PAN, originally disqualified Dr. Esquivel for her homophobic views.

I just hope that this is the wake up call for the millions of people who still support Obrador unconditionally as a liberal. This is looking more like a hyper conservative President.

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