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Factchecking: not that hard.

SAC airport.
SAC airport.

A friend of mine shared this post with a few added sticker hearts;


Which is a cute post from the Sanders campaign. What Sander’s campaign deosn’t disclose is that Emerson’s national poll actually looks like this;


Not only is the sample size small, but also the only candidate that doesn’t beat Trump is O’Rourke. Sander’s lead is inside the margin of error.

So... this is the conversation we had:

Me: Hey this is the actual poll
Her: Okay
Me: Sanders is basically publishing fake news.
Her: I don’t care
Me: He doesn’t even beat the margin of error.
Her; As long as Trump is gone....
Me: But YOU DO KNOW that Sanders is missrepresenting the poll to show he’s doing better?
Her: I don’t think so.



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