The elections in Baja California are fierce, and the most likely winner is Jaime Bonilla. Running today under the mantel of the Workers Party and the National Regeneration Movement, what he doesn’t want anyone to know is that he was a member of the Republican party for twelve years. Funnily enough his current parties are supposed to be the socialist, liberal parties. He also served an elected post in California... which is nuts. His political career has been literally longer in the US than in Mexico.

If he wins the elections for governor, I think he will become the only elected politician to serve the Mexican and the American people. Which is crazy to think about.

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I am excluding Lorenzo de Zavala, despite being Governor, and treasury secretary in Mexico prior to serving as Vice President of Texas, since Texas was “independent” back then. I am also excluding his posts as congressman from 2015-2018 since in neither post (Representative, Senator) he was directly elected.

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