The United States should not negotiate with terrorists.

As a world power, and the largest economy on earth, the United States of America needs clear, and strict ethical boundaries to how it receives and gives people, services, and products from or to other nations.


Mexico is a nation where terror, human rights violations, and abuse of the economic system predominates. I won’t go far enough as to say we deserve sanctions, but we have been slouching on some of the promises of NAFTA, like improving our human rights record, or our underemployment index, or to strengthen the rule of law.

Now, all of the above would be achievable in a binary world, in one where when the US looks away, Mexico has nowhere to go. A world where strict economic pressures can levy the sort of change that vitalizes a stagnant nation, rather than just hurt the most vulnerable groups within it.

Trump just shot himself in the foot, because if he imposes tariffs in ten days, he will just piss off American consumers, companies, and one of the closest allies it has, while not actually solving any of the problems bringing illegal immigrants into the US.

I can’t predict what will happen; maybe we retaliate with tariffs, maybe we sit down and take charge, once again, of the US’ dirty work at our southern border. Allowing the sort of human suffering that might cover an entire chapter of a middle school level history book.


Mexico needs to change, and we need consequences for not following international law when we’re given international benefits. The thing is; the consequences of scolding us ripple far beyond our borders, when done incorrectly they only serve to worsen the lives of everyone.

The United States should not negotiate with terrorists, but it must be able to recognize when not to attack them.

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