La Luz del Mundo is, erm, a “church” . and my President is a religious nut who can’t even keep it together. So, it’s no coincidence that during his administration, and for the first time in history, a religious ceremony was carried out at a national monument; the Palacio de Bellas Artes. La Luz del Mundo’s pastor held a ceremony here, which felt rather inappropriate to millions of Mexicans who cherish the (and seek more) separation of church from state.


Anyway, the reason I put a Sunchaser, is because the Attorney General of California (who an oppo may know indirectly about) just arrested the Church’s leader.... apparently he’s linked to 26 felonies. Evidently, Lopez Obrador isn’t the one that gave Nasson Joaquin Garcia the right to use Bellas Artes for a ceremony, but someone up the government chain did, could be the secretary of culture.

Politicians are used to controversy around sex here, just google “NXIVM” and be horrified.

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