Today, a couple of very, very stupid ideas formed in the minds of very, very stupid people that belong to the Mexican Senate.

The opposition party, PAN, suggested that Veracruz should be subjected to Article 76 of the Mexican constitution.


In case you don’t know anything about Mexican constitutional law, Article 76 deals with the dissolution of state powers, it’s actually pretty powerful, Baja California was threatened earlier this year due to some electoral stuff. But that wasn’t partizan.


Veracruz is governed, unsurprisingly, by a governor from the majority party... Lets just say they’re having a bad time because their last three governors have been inept pieces of shit and they have belonged to three different parties, including PAN.

PAN knows that getting an Article 76 bill through the senate is virtually impossible, but the ever so bright minority decided that they wanted to make headlines about Governor Garcia being inept (which he is but it’s besides the point), to sort of make PAN look better.


The thing is, you play with fire, you get burned.

So, now the majority party, Morena, said that two states controlled by PAN should be subjected to the same process, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. Both have deeply problematic issues at the local level including extrajudicial executions in the case of the former.


So, yeah. We have children fighting in congress, suggesting undemocratic actions because they don’t like eachother.

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