So yeah, have a GT40.

Anyways what I was getting at was this. “Alabama Chief Justice Orders Judges To Enforce Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.”

I’m sick and tired of hearing of this shit, its gone through just about every federal court in the land, its hit the supreme court and every one of the has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Get over it, move on, all you are doing is cementing your place in history books as an asshole, everything from common sense to judicial precedence say you are going to lose.

What do you stand to gain from this? Is it to prove your faith, because from what I’ve read you’ve done that a lot, doesnt seem you have much more to prove. All I see is you are putting people in a very tough position, even ignoring gay people that are affected. You are publicly telling your colleagues to break the law, a law in which someone has already gone to jail for breaking in the same exact way, a law in which federal prosecutors say will be enforced against these judges. And back to the question at the beginning, I simply dont understand what you stand to gain here, what do you gain from stopping a group of people marrying? Personal satisfaction? Success on some sort of vendetta on people getting married? What is it?