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Why does this administration (and the GOP in general) seemingly want to destroy ANY protections for the environment?


The EPA is headed by a coal lobbyist

They are fighting CARB and the automakers about their fuel economy standards

The BLM is headed by someone who wants to sell basically every acre of federally owned land


The USDA is moving its headquarters across the country and is going to essentially force out many of the experts currently on staff

They are pushing to do the same with the BLM

There are too many examples to list...it just boggles my mind that anyone supports any of the environmental policies enacted by the GOP


It’s happening on a local scale too. Some of the people in Wisconsin are learning first hand just how important environmental protections and enforcement are. This is a county that voted 61% for Trump.


The problem with pure free market people is there is no incentive NOT to pollute for businesses. The laws haven’t even changed much as far as I am aware, the DNR just didn’t have the resources to enforce due to continuous cuts from the Walker/GOP administration.

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