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Musings on the ATC issues. So here is how I see it:

Congress is created to be facilitators for public affairs. A large part of that job is managing income and spending that income to create and maintain services in the public interest.


The creation of air travel necessitates a organization to oversee safety of air travel enacted by and funded through congressional means.

Political squabbling, agendas and infighting incapacitates congress to be able to perform its most basic fiscal duties for decades.


Problems pile up and compound in this environment to the point where critical programs and infrastructure are left in bad places

In leu of fixing the source of the problems [politics], the solution presented is to dump the problems on someone else and claim its good governing.


This would be like your work refusing pay you. Then blame that you aren’t working well enough because you are starving to death and you don’t have a place to live. Then fire you because you weren’t towing the line. Then hold a press conference for what a great boss they were for digging the company out of a hole.


I mean, this makes sense in a cut and run kinda way...like bankruptcy...but it begs the question:

How does congress NOT end up looking like complete failures when they follow through on plans like this? In what way can they spin this to NOT have their failures laid bare? If you were part of this failure, would you not want to do what you can to avoid such a glaring admission? Lastly, and preempting the others, do they not care how much worse they look at this point because it just can’t hurt?


Im leaving aside the desperate needs of the ATC program or any number of government programs that have been left to wither at the neglect of congress. Im asking how the public can see this privatization model as anything but a complete acknowledgement of total failure of congress to perform its intended function?

Sure there are programs that are inefficient or wasteful and probably could use to be privatized (USPS) but the main problems with the ATC program is lack of funding to carry out its mission caused by politicians using the necessity of these services as leverage and bargaining chips to further personal or party agendas.


I know this is news to no one, but does it make anyone sick to their stomachs?

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