No safety image, but yeah... jump!

This piece of shit signed a document with the national teacher coordinators; a syndicate so powerful, corrupt, and unfathomably stupid that it makes me, a left wing, pro-union liberal, cringe at its existence.

These assholes are the reason my country is like it is. Deep down every issue with a country can be resolved with education, and for years the teacher’s syndicate has lobbied for archaic rules to stay like the hereditary position, has kept funds for themselves for stupid things like spending 2 million dollars on Saks Fifth Avenue, and has made people die.

The represent millions of people that will vote exactly as told, not because all teachers are bad, but because of the weird and disgusting enviroment in which they work, social pressure really eats at them.

And this piece of shit, asshole who likes Narcos just told them that he would get rid of teacher tests... yes... so that you can be a teacher no matter if you think 2+2 is 4 or 2+2 is 5.

I KNOW teachers are more than this exam, but it is one of the few safeguards that keeps people that actually want to be teachers in the system and keep freeloaders and assholes out of it.


I think it’s probably one of the more populist things a Mexican politician has said, up there with saying they would fix the price of gasoline at 9 pesos per litre... which let me just tell you would be the most expensive subside the gov would make!

So, what’s the most populist thing you’ve heard the local dip-shit say?

/rant over.