Look at that

Remember when liberals were bitching about Comey’s questionable decision to re open Hilary’s email investigation a few days before the election?

Think pieces questioning his ethics made the rounds in big, reputable news sites?


Which, according to Clinton at least, had an important impact into what the voters thought of her and thus she lost to a guy who, under 99% of circumstances, was supposed to be easily beaten.

Lest we forget that Comey was being mocked a year and a half ago by the very man that received him a few days ago to discuss the Trump scandals.

But now he’s got a book deal, and has made the rounds across the press as a hero, The Guardian, a news site that published an opinion piece a year and a bit ago saying he had made “dubious decisions” and abused his power now uploads he’s in “A fight for decency.” Granted, those pieces were written by different people and it is the opinion section so it’s normal that they have different views. But it does paint a picture of just how much people were moved by his actions; we can’t forget how much of an impact this man has had in modern American politics as director of the FBI, how much impact he’s to have as a private citizen, and how he managed to sway public opinion around, somehow angering and pleasing everyone at different times.