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Politics in Reply.

Have a JPS 944.

A lot of people out on the interwebs are very proudly voting for a candidate that will provide a revolution on both sides of the aisle. One large topic revolves around the banks and the fed. One parties belief summed up well in this video here.

And many, if not most, of Bernies supporters will proudly support the exchange that goes on in this video. That being said, anyone who has any idea how the FED works would cringe during the entirety of this video. What Bernie is saying is nothing but rhetoric, and for the most is not comparable in anyway. It sounds scary, and he talks confidently as if he is speaking fact, but its simply not.


I would be shocked if I dont vote democrat this cycle, but please, all Iā€™m saying is try your best to actually educate your self on the issue from a factual, and not an emotional stance.

Full Disclosure: I spend too much time on Reddit and have been annoyed by no end by the stereotypical Bernie Bros.

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