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Talking about Charlotte.

Now I am not going to wade into the nust and bolts of what happened in Charlotte, but rather a development in conservative circles overnight.


Conservative columnist and tenured U of Tennessee law professor Glen Reynolds tweeted an image of civillian cars on the interstates in Charlotte being surrounded by rioters (at this point it was no longer a peaceful protest) with text that stated “RUN THEM DOWN”. Needless to say, twitter immediately suspended his account and leftists are now screaming for him to lose his jobs at USA Today and at UT.

Now, I admit the tweet can have inferred meaning far beyond the intended meaning, and it clearly was not articulated appropriately; however we have seen more than a few posts and stories on Jalopnik regarding mobs surrounding vehicles and the possible results.

Should Instapundant (aka Glen Reynolds) be fired for advocating keeping oneself safe when surrounded by a mob?

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