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Government shutdown...

Someone is not willing to play ball - I am not referring to this shut down specifically. There have been several in recent years.


How is about - after certain number of days of government shut down, congress and senate are dismissed - like... fired. All states hold new elections. People who were dismissed cannot run again for some years - that way they cannot be re-elected and come back to same old impasse.

If new congress and senate can’t negotiate to re-open government, they are dismissed - fired... All states hold new elections... rinse repeat until we have a functioning government.


I don’t want to bash one political party or support another. I just want to know if these mechanics would work or if there is a flaw there somewhere still?

I’ll be honest. I don’t know if dismissing the third branch of government - President is a good idea. Imagine a world where US President is fired and we are without a president for some time. Our enemies would be at our door in a heartbeat.


There might have to be a clause in there somewhere that states that even if you have been dismissed, in the event of attack on the country, you would have to return to senate/congress to make decisions to protect the country... That way we still have someway of legitimately protecting ourselves.

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