[POLITICS MORNING]: Here's an interesting China bit.

Wall Street Journal, by way of Politico, Today:

SPORTS BLINK – “Huawei Had a Deal to Give Washington Redskins’ Fans Free Wi-Fi, Until the Government Stepped In,” by WSJ’s Stu Woo and Andrew Beaton: “Two years after a congressional report labeled Huawei Technologies Co. a national-security threat, the Chinese firm unexpectedly scored a big-name ally in Washington. It was the Redskins, the capital’s National Football League franchise. Huawei reached an agreement in 2014 to beam Wi-Fi through the suites at the team’s FedEx Field, in exchange for advertising in the stadium and during broadcasts.

“It was a marketing coup for a company hankering to beef up its meager U.S. business and boost its image inside the Beltway. But the deal didn’t last long. A government adviser read about the partnership. He knew the FedEx Field suites were a frequent haunt for lawmakers and senior officials across many agencies. So he triggered an unofficial federal complaint to the Redskins, who quietly tore up the deal.”


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