After being back stabbed by his own party, and being accused money laundering after a damming video came out, Ricardo Anaya has lost the 2nd place in the elections for the first time, as this poll by El Heraldo shows.

While this poll is limited in size (and pollsters themselves admitting Mexicans “chose in the ballots at the last moment”) the media accepted polls by Mitofsky are of a similar size and it is a departure form the norm of Anaya being several points ahead of Meade and not significantly behind Obrador.

Right now they are within the margin of error of eachother while Obrador is 15 points ahead of Meade. Yet, if we add up Meade and Anaya’s preference, we get 47% of the polled.

Given Obrador has the highest “I’d never vote for him” of any candidate and would be a disastrous president, we need to ask Meade and Anaya if one of them should stand down and help the other win. The stand off is almost over.

Right now their parties are fighting, and you need to ask yourself if it even matters; Meade and Anaya have similar proposals and both represent a broken, if perhaps improving, establishment, where Obrador represent a rejection of the institutions, and a very dangerous populist rhetoric.

Obrador is the Mexican Trump, and if Meade and Anaya have any social responsability, one of them is going to retire from the race.

And their voters too face a difficult question: Should I vote for my candidate or againts another? For instance. Anaya is the most outspoken in favour of LGBT and abortion rights, but given he’s losing preference, and Obrador is endorsed by an anti-gay, anti-abortion party, should the fans of Anaya that voted for him due to the lgbt and abortion positions vote for Meade?