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Politics talk: South Korea admitting they have a plan to assassinate Kim Jong un

Politics after the break.

So, according to CNN, the South Korean minister of defence admitted that there is a plan in place to assassinate Kim Jong un in case of an emergency situation. Now, I’m not saying that this is exactly surprising, but to me, that seems like an extremely reckless political decision. I mean, the country appears to be nuclear capable, and you’re admitting that you have a plan to assassinate its leader? Couldn’t that potentially lead to huge backlash?

Imagine for a second that the United States admitted that they had a plan to assassinate Putin (which they most likely do, along with many other political figureheads, but hey, that’s just America). Could you imagine what kind of hostile situations that could lead to? I just can’t imagine why they would do this. Anyone else have any input?


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