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This, or a “Mini”

Once again, Mr. Trump threatened to close our international border by summoning the army because of a refugee caravan.


Normally Mexico is disadvantaged when it comes to negotiations like these, but there’s a difference between having a disadvantage and sending hundreds Federal Police officers to our souther border to stop the caravan on the twitter whims of a foreign leader.

In my honest opinion, we should really stop doing this shit. Not necessarily because of the refugees, but because of strategy: this is a slippery slope, and while we should be good neighbors, we must remind ourselves that those actions must go both ways, not only south.

But it’s also about basic strategy, the Mexican government swiftly reacted to Trumps tweet as if it was an order, is this willingness to work for the US putting us at a disadvantage we want to be in? Are the rewards of doing dirty work worth it?


Maybe the Mexican Government wanted him to shut up; the quieter that Trump is the less hysteria around border security will form near the midterms, and by stopping the newest caravan the hype he can build up is reduced; and as such his fanbase is more relaxed, (ie: less likely to vote).

Now, the Mexican government doesn’t really care about these refugees, and it’s mutual with the refugees: They don’t want to be here either. Is it arrogant that refugees don’t find Mexico “good enough” to settle here? Are they “fleeing” or just leaving because they want to be paid better? In conclusion: neither matters.


What matters is that no one leaves their country without a good reason, and if that reason is supported by international bodies, well.... It should be listened to, and respected.

The truth is that the US as a world power, and Mexico as a regional power should be helping these migrants as much as possible rather than putting their safety in jeopardy by limiting their access to the resources necessary to settle here or in America (Be it by not properly reading migrants their rights here, or by the clusterfuck that immigration courts are in the US).

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