[POLITICS] Time to narrow down the field of 2020 Democrats

All we need running are:

John Delaney, a moderate, former Maryland congressman

Kamala Harris, a minority, California senator, former attorney general

Andrew Yang, a progressive

Everybody else running duplicates one of the above or has too much baggage

Cory Booker is too close to Kamala Harris politically, and he has more baggage than she has. What happened to that $100m to Newark schools? Booker should direct his voters to Kamala Harris.


Bernie Sanders has run his course. He was good last time, but he needs to step aside now. Elizabeth Warren is a duplicate of Bernie politically, and she also has too much baggage like the Pocahontas/Fauxcahontas scandal. They should throw their support behind Andrew Yang

Beto has too much baggage.

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