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I would normally post this in the Cigar Lounge but this is making my blood boil because I don’t want to see harm come to anyone’s child.


Also, I want to acknowledge from the get go that I continue to work hard at not offending anyone with opposing views so I want to be clear from the start that ONE’S POLITICAL VIEWS AND AN ELECTED OFFICIAL THAT IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THOSE VIEWS ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

No arguing allowed folks. I don’t want to dismiss comments because you are offending each other and the mods should not have to step in.

So yes, thanks to the 43% of eligible voters that didn’t bother to vote, I’m talking about the president that we earned and deserve.

No, I’m inferring that conservatives are bad or are bad people (obviously, they are not, and I’m actually close friends with several conservatives — I hang out with them almost every weekend). And even though I don’t like our fractured Congress, I accept them because they are elected officials that WE THE PEOPLE need to force them to work together on nonpartisan solutions like they used to do on a more regular basis like they did 1-2 decades ago.


So what I am saying is that the elected individual and his administration are a bunch of bigoted imbeciles that need to go and go NOW.

Having said that, let’s play a game where we pretend that our only option to replace the current administration is with another conservative until the next presidential election.


For me, I would be comfortable with the natural order of succession. So House Speaker Paul Ryan would be president and Senate Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch would be vice president. Both would bring stability and end the [public] bigoted (and sometimes racist) divisiveness that is a plague on our country currently. I also believe both would calm down our differences with our allies as well by returning to political norms.

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