You may have seen my posts as I painted my car. Like most amateur jobs, painting it myself (with my cousin’s gracious help) left the car in a quasi-incomplete status. I have a triple-bladed occam’s razor to deal with at this point, so I’m open to suggestions. First, here are some pictures to detail the, um, detailing that is required to complete the finish of the exterior(sorry for potato quality, my good phone got totaled so I’m down to the $70 Nokia):


Next, a primer(hehe): When we applied the base coat, we ran late and couldn’t apply the clearcoat that day (would have been at 9PM in a non-temperature controlled environment where lights (and bugs) would have been involved). How you like ‘dem double quotations? Takes me back to Calc 3.... That means it *only* has three fairly heavily laid basecoats. So, maybe 3 mil thick. Plenty to work with. It has cured for 1 week. 2 part acrylic urethane single stage, I believe...

As you’ll note (and as I tried to highlight), there are some flaws: orange peel, couple drip marks where the primer rejected the paint, striping in two places. What should I do?

I can think of three options:

1) Later this summer, Color-sand with 800 then 1000 grit, clean, de-grease and apply clear coat (+2b)


2) Color sand with 800 then 1500 grit now, clean, wait one month for it to fully cure, then use a swirl remover, (2b) polish and wax to complete the finish

3) Take it to a shop and pay to play....

4) Some other option....


So what do you think?