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Polyphony Digital and the Dodge Stratus

Gran Turismo 2 featured many unique and interesting cars when it debuted in 1999. And the Dodge Stratus ES. To be fair, Polyphony Digital also included the Dodge Intrepid, which featured a kinda cool race modified version. The turn of the millennium was a weird time.


But it gets better: The Stratus ES was also featured in the Gran Turismo 2 intro video (around the 1:20 mark).

And if you thought the Stratus was confined to Gran Turismo 2, then you would be mistaken. While not driveable, you’ve probably seen the Stratus many times in Gran Turismo 3...

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That’s right, the Stratus can be found in the Home Menu - with its hood up. Gran Turismo really is an accurate simulation! 

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