I had to do it.

For years, of course, I always loved cars but lacked money and space for projects (especially when kids were small). My wife has always indulged me, which is how I put 180,000 miles on an RX-8 in 6 years as my daily driver.


Before cars, my idle hands got busy with ponds. I renovated one in our first house, and I built the one you see. Ok, I adapted it from the existing redwood planter box you see above. I used to maintain it beautifully as a hobby, and in the warm months it was lot of work. But it was cool.

Since my ability to acquire projects has increased, the pond has been neglected. I was going to tackle it once the weather got warm, but the heart attack in May messed up that plan.

That fence is about 7 feet tall. A nursery client gave me that thing from a creek on his property, and it overgrew everything. So I had at that bastard today. The fish need space to swim.


It still needs lots of work, and in car terms, the work I did today reveals that full interior restoration is needed. Body is solid, and it runs great. But the inside is a lost cause.


I am determined to revisit this hobby.

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