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There’s nothing wrong with my Honda PC800. But my latest project has been building one good Suzuki Savage from two that needed help - one that I completed this past weekend. And after a test ride, I thought to myself, “I want a cruiser.” The Savage is physically too small for me, but I’m thinking a Shadow, Magna, Vulcan, Maurauder, etc. would be a good fit. (I’m not anti-Harley - I enjoyed riding a Street Glide around Florida a few years ago - but I don’t want to pay Harley prices.)


Turns out my friend Kate (who I recruited to write for Right Wrist Twist) is trying to thin her herd, and has a 2000 Honda Valkyrie almost exactly like the one in this pic that she’d like to re-home. It’s a big bike. It has a souped up Goldwing motor in all its 1500cc of flat-6 glory. I absolutely don’t need a bike this big. But it’s tempting. And she’s willing to make me a good deal on it.

It’s at least worth a test ride, right? Just to see if it actually sounds like a Porsche 911, of course...

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