So I was reflecting on all of the automobiles I have had the chance to experience over the years.  I've driven a rather large assortment of vehicles... trucks, suvs, cars and vans of all sizes and drivetrains.  I was wondering if I could get some insight from various other opinions.

Looking back, I feel as if, I still haven't found the "perfect" handling vehicle for me.  Everything that was comfortable to drive ended up being somewhat numb, meanwhile, everything that responded like an extention of my body... well ended up hurting/fatiguing that body.

The "best" handling car I've ever driven?

It would be tremendously fun to daily drive this beast... but given the fact that you could literally feel the curvature of every strip of tar in the road, I would shy away from ever owning something like this as a daily driver.

The "best" comfort I've ever had while driving?

It is close, with a newish yukon coming in second, first place however was my first car.


But that thing was a boat, literally, steering it was simply guiding it's eventual line of trajectory. And due to that, it never ever felt like an extension of my own body.


So... out of the plethora of vehicles I have driven, I eventually decided the closest I have ever come to an ideal ride/handling was in a 2002 Grand Prix... the thing was a boat compared to most (especially fwd) cars I have driven.  But the variable steering ratio helped minimize that feeling, especially when alternating between fast/slow city traffic.


Now... the absolute worst...

Dear ever merciful god.  Please, make it so that I will never have the experience of driving a manual "lowrider" Dodge Dakota ever...


Driving it was vague, harsh, and with what meaily power it did have, it couldn't keep the light weight back end in check in adverse conditions.


What about your experiences?  Have you found an "ideal" vehicle yet?