So, I curiously went to look for the new #dougbook this morning. (disclaimer: I have not yet read his first book) So I typed in ‘doug demuro’ and this is what I got:

I got his first book from three years ago, and then some other books, including a Jalopnik book, but not ‘Bumper deBumper’. So, I clicked on his name, so it would show me all of his books. Ummm, no. Just one book for Doug.

So I decided to just then I just type in ‘bumper to bumper’ and got this:


Seriously, there are a whole bunch of books by that name, but then some bumper stickers about POOP and a gay bar. I scroll down further and then see the new Grace Jones autobiography, as well as a book about how to sit. Not sure what’s funnier....that someone wrote a book about ‘how to sit’, or the fact that it’s more popular than Doug’s book, even though I searched by the NAME OF HIS BOOK! Oh, there’s also a pretty cheap front bumper for a Tacoma available.

Finally, after scrolling two screens down....there it is!!!! Right under a book about how to attract women, is ‘Bumper to Bumper’. #14 on the list, but it’s a ‘Best Seller’!!! What kind of search algorithm are they using?


What’s even better is that if you search just in Books, it goes down to web pages deep. Right below ‘Earth Magic’.


All that work, and I’m still not buying it.