Poor baby

Max is having a bad afternoon. We are at the vet who is seeing us as an emergency. They are nice here. Max is very upset. He only loves our other kitty Kirby, and refuses to come inside under any circumstances. He thinks humans are generally assholes and tries to avoid them whenever possible. On rare occasions he will let you pet him, and he is not mean or aggressive at all. If you pick him up, he won’t like it, but he won’t tear you up. In contrast, Pumpkin will bite you just because she feels like it, but a minute later she will be cuddling you. We let Max be who he is and don’t try to domesticate him.


I am sad for Maxie. The good news is so far, the eye appears undamaged. He is crying loudly in his carrier. Now I can hear him crying in the back as they lance his face. No eye damage, antibiotics, and he will be out with his pal after a short recovery 

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