So I did it. As much as I mock owners who gut the interiors of their street cars and remove the AC because racecar!... then they don’t actually have a cage or fuel cell or fire suppression because street car!... so he (it’s always he) can’t actually go racing.

As much as I don’t like convertibles.

As much as I like a car I can enjoy and a car I can use (see Forester XT)

I bought this!


The story I got is this. I have no evidence so far that it’s true, but it sound plausible. If I can work with the deep pool of car knowledge, this may be the place to do it. If you know something about this story that is true or not, drop me a line.

This a 1972 Fiat 124 Spider born race car turned street car.

In the 1970s, an as-yet unnamed dealership in Florida built a few purpose-built racing bodies. I assume SCCA or Trans-Am style racing.


The body is 100% steel. Front body panel, fenders, doors, quarters and rear body panel are all seam welded and smoothed. The cowl is moved back from a 124 about 8-10 inches. The seats are moved back about 8-10 inches. The rear seat is deleted and the head rest shape (what are those things called?) is hand-pounded and wheeled steel with a minor amount of 1.5in angle iron supporting the structure.

The cage was removed and somebody at some time took the racing bits back out and put the street car bits back in there. My best guess is they cannibalized a rusted out 124 street car. The gentleman that I bought it from put a street car ‘interior’ back into with a 1980 spider dash board, console and hand-built carpets and door trim pads.


It’s an odd duck. The ‘burb where I live has a whole contingent and Angry Olds® who complain incessantly about noise and traffic. I am doing my best to contribute to both of those.

If you know anything, hit me up. drakkonwd at ‘that google-mail’ .com