Pop goes the Whatsit

After a weekend roadtrip to see some long lost mates, we noticed the old SF Forester was not quite itself in the handling department.

The odd clonk and some less than Subaru like cornering feel.

Looked underneath yesterday to find we’d popped the Whatsit on the left side...


The Whatsit is actually the rear transverse hydraulic bush on the front control arm. It controls the camber on the wheel...amongst other things. But this one isn’t anymore.

New one is on the way but the price (AU$183 delivered for genuine) is somewhat hurtful for a 18 year old car with 250,000 km on it that’s probably worth less than four grand. Thing is it won’t pass muster for registration like this...and this is pretty much only the third thing that’s ever failed on it (shocks and rear sway links are the other two). It still has the original clutch, CV’s and head gasket in it. Good car this one...

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