Where is the Mazda3??

Answer: I left it at work and took “my” van (the ‘vehicle expense’ is charged to my parts account at work which I am paid from so TECHNICALLY the cost of the van is taken from my paycheck) to pick up the rest of my father in law’s album collection.

(Its a 2008 Grand Caravan with the venerable 3.3L and 4-speed auto. Its got 179k on it, but looks like its got under 100k. Its almost TOO nice. Power sliding doors, power liftgate, remote start, yet no radio controls on the wheel? But it has Bluetooth! Everything works on it too, except a couple bulbs in the climate control are out. Plus its kinda bad in the snow with a ton of music in the back and the cheap all season Firestones I had put on it.)

Oh, besides all the albums, I grabbed some of the CDs, and what I THINK is all of the 8-Tracks.


Every box is FULL of LPs.


There’s a LOT of gems such as this in there.

Also a Richard Pryor album with the N word on it. Ending in R.


Anyone wanna volunteer to come over and catalog it all? I’m beat from hauling it all inside and into the basement.