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Popping noise when steering (on both vehicles now?!)

I’m trying diagnose a popping noise we are getting on the van (2008 Toyota Sienna). It seems to only happen at low speeds, and when turning. It’s coming from the passenger side. I can’t reliably recreate it, but it’s happened a few times, and has been loud enough that it’s definitely possible to notice. It reminds me of the sound of popping knuckles (the human, biological kind - not the steering kind). It seems to pop once, then doesn’t do it again.

Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

I’ve heard something similar on my car (2001 Honda Civic), and have been unable to figure out what it is. At least on the Civic, it was definitely related to the rotation of the steering wheel, not the rotation of the tires. (I was originally thinking it was going to be CV joints - I haven’t replaced those - yet). I best heard it when making a tight left turn pulling into the garage (from the back alley). And of course, the next time I went to drive my car, the noise was gone.


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