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Porous block?

The Family Truckster at White Sands back in 2013

Apparently, that’s a thing. I was worried that my ‘03 Odyssey had a leaking head gasket. But that repair is so rare in this engine that it turns out that the head gasket isn’t really leaking. It has a porous block instead. It seems that porous blocks were an issue with some of these 6-cylinder engines back in the early 2000's. Air bubbles left behind in the casting process “pop” and allow the oil to leak out through the block. According to my Honda service rep, and the Honda mechanic, this is no big deal. And to be honest, I had taken it in because of a reported leak back in 2014 that we had never addressed, and there have been no noticeable leaks on the ground, and it doesn’t seem to be losing oil at anything approaching an alarming rate. It’s really no more than a tiny trickle. And they said there’s no reason to expect it to worsen. I’m glad I took it to Honda, because the independent shop I took it to last week wanted to charge me north of $3000 to replace the head gasket. I’m not saying they were trying to sell me an unnecessary repair, because it certainly presents itself as a HG leak. But the Honda dealer had the experience to know it’s a rare fault, and to look deeper. Now I can afford to fix all the other things that are wrong with the Oddy....

Anybody else have any experience with this issue?


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