Though light bathe it in the warm nectar of our distant celestial orb It’s ebony sheen seems to steal it back away. You stare, wondering if such a thing of beauty must be born not from the course hands of men, but from angelic concourses tireless striving for perfection and then...achieving. To know the world as it was before now seems as a burden on the mind your soul aches to throw off.

Suddenly the noise. splitting the room as if it were nothing but parchment, sparing neither body or mind as it commands the elements themselves, coursing with power like some ancient deity bending the laws of physics to its will. 60 Watts of power first terrify, then entrance. You’ve never felt like this before.


The beings that made this relic, this grail...surely it must have been in folly they left it to mortal hands. It electrifies me, enhances me, it...calls to me.

And for only $640 it can call to you too.

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