ok, so I finished the 911RSR and before I was even finished there were some things that irked me about the design of this car. I completed it took a look at what materials i had left and immediately started modifying the car.

There are numerous little things that make me question why the set was designed this way so I set to work. First up on the list (and easiest to change)? The wheels. Or more accurately hubcaps. The box and instructions direct you to use the “5 double spoked” wheels like this.


I however, opted for the ten spoke with the flared spokes included in the bag as they seem to evoke more of the look of the 5 flared spokes on the RSR. However the real challenge (and biggest issue with the design) was the taillight design which bore no resemblance to a 911 what soever. Below is the original design.

And here is my reworked design with only pieces from this set (some are from track/lap timer).


Sure it leaves a little more to the imagination and i think its fair to say it loses a bit of the wide haunches RSR look and maybe is closer to a 911 Cup car but i am much happier with it. There are some other design changes and tweaks i will be making gradually but this is what i can do with the pieces i have. All in all a fun experience. Not sure if i can still build the lap timer at this point.

P.S. I built the 930 into a slant nose and it was ugly and looked nothing like a slant nose so i reverted it to original. Stay tuned for more modification fun, I hope!

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