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Porsche 917 with Lockheed Super Constellation

Possibly the best photo ever taken. Found it on Facebook with the following caption. If any of you know of similar pictures, please share them. 

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“This is a rare photo from the 1971 Sebring race and not just for the picture of the Lockheed Super Constellation in the distance. Pictured is Jackie Oliver driving the Porsche 917 K (chassis #009) during practice for the race. What is rare is the picture of the 917's body with vertical fins on the back instead of the traditional short-tail (Kurzheck) that we all identify the car with. The folks at J.W. Automotive experimented with the body in the photo during practice but found it did not provide any advantage and decided to stick with the “K” body for the race. Oliver and co-driver Pedro Rodriguez were coming off a win a Daytona six weeks earlier but a fender bender with the Penske Ferrari 512 M of Mark Donohue and David Hobbs would relegate them to a 4th place finish at Sebring in ‘71.

Photo and commentary: Louis Galanos -Historic Racing Cars”

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