Over 20 years since the debut of the Boxster, the prices of these supremely capable machines seem to have hit an all time low. Is now the time to buy one?

My friend Glenn texted me the other day.

Glenn: “I’m thinking about selling my Boxster. Want to make a video with it before it’s gone?”


Me: “Of course! I might even buy it.”

And no, I wasn’t joking. I don’t need any more vehicles, but I’d quickly make an exception for a clean, well-maintained Boxster. I’ve had the pleasure of driving his 2000 Boxster S in the past, and was surely looking forward to experiencing it again.

There is something really special about the 986 Boxster, especially the S. The incredibly balanced handling of this mid-engined sports car turns any back road into a playground. It’s near impossible to drive this vehicle without a huge smile on your face.

2000 Porsche Boxster S
Photo: Ethan Tufts (Hello Road)

The S variant gives you a 3.2 liter flat 6 directly behind your seat—churning out 250 horsepower. Shifting is courtesy of a 6 speed manual gearbox. All this propels the rear wheels, in a package that weighs under 2900 pounds. Zero to 60 occurs in under 6 seconds.

But the Boxster doesn’t get much love, especially the 986 with its saggy “fried egg” headlights. Setting aside the looks, this car has spent its entire existence being overshadowed by the 911. But what some people don’t realize is that this car can be just as much fun as a 911. With its mid-engined design, some might argue that it’s more fun.


These often underrated cars are an incredible value right now—they seem to have hit the bottom of the depreciation curve. I’ve come across several decent Boxster S’s for just under 10 grand. Is now the time to buy one of these machines before the prices start going up?


Given the state of the market for these vehicles, it seemed like the perfect time to interview Glenn and get his thoughts on 17 years of 986 ownership. In the video below, we talk about why you might want to choose a Boxster, common problems, the major issue that he had, and why through thick and thin he kept the car for so long.

If you have a few minutes to spare, and want to hear more about his Boxster S, check out the video below!

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