And by none other than Walter Röhrl, the famous German rally and auto racing driver. Displacement sizes of the new motors and bhp figures included.(Photo by Porsche)[Reposted for morning crowd]

Walter Röhrl is saying the new turbo flat-six motors will produce 349bhp from a 2.7L and 430bhp from a 3.0L motor for the Carrera and Carrera S respectively. No torque figures yet, but the forums are talking about it nonstop around the clock now. These power figures are much more realistic compared to the crazy 500+ numbers we saw last year. I have to wonder as well, how much weight these new engines will add or lose.

It's also reported he's driven the new engines, and is not a fan. He's also quoted saying:

'We need to go to turbocharging to reduce emissions,' he is quoted as saying. 'How else can we get C02 levels below 95g? But no matter how good a turbo engine is, it can never have the pure response of a naturally aspirated engine.'


He also says:

'At least it's not a four-cylinder turbo like in the next Boxster. That sounds like a Volkswagen Beetle, I'm not kidding you! I tell the guys, "You're joking with this sound, right?" But they just say they are working on it. I'm sure they will get it right.'

I hate how everyone compared the 488 GTB to the F40 when it's clearly the successor to the 288 GTO(thank you, GTRZILLAR32), I'm not one for comparing the new cars to the old ones in such a way, but 2.7 and 3.0? The last 911s to have these size engines were the 1974-77 911s and the 911SC respectively....


Shit, why do I get the feeling history is going to repeat itself? My dad buys an '74 911 2.7L new in 1975, I guess there's a 991.2 2.7L Carrera in my future?? I'm remaining hopeful that these new cars don't disappoint, in driveability and sound. I wonder how they'll stack up to the current brilliant N/A engines.