yep, seems so indeed.

I think a lot about cars see, cars and gadgets... from a young age my passion for cars has resulted in a lot of time spent looking at the sky or far away thinking of pistons and pixels, intakes and psu’s, whatever really, as long as it had 4 wheels or a screen and some buttons.

Yesterday, while daydreaming it occurred to me that Porsche and Apple, as brands have some similarities somehow. Let me be clear, i am not saying they are completely the same, but that deep they share some common elements.

See, if you are a russian oligarch if you want a fast car you buy a Lamborghini, and if you want a cellphone you buy a Vertu...

However if you are a russian oligarch with taste, you need not win people’s approval, so if you want a fast car you get a Porsche, and if you want a cellphone you simply buy an Iphone...


Both tell the world you like the finer things in life however in a sea of gold wrapped Lamborghini and snake skin diamond encrusted Vertu’s they show you care not for opulence.

The main reasons i compare these brands are:

1 - Both brands came of age by meaningfully improving on a single product over time, think 911 vs Iphone


2 - Both brands branched into other market segments other brands simply ignored, think ferrari and other luxury manufacturers not seeing crossovers/suv market or pc makers not seeing the tablet market

3 - Both brands keep breaking sales records for the past 5 years

This is all especially interesting because if you look at the future they are also both at a point in which they are also trying to break into a market another brand created/found:

A - Microsoft proved there is a market for the 2 in 1 tablet/laptop hybrid and so Apple came up with the 12 inch Ipad pro with a Keyboard and Pencil


B - Tesla proved there is a market for a luxury full electric sedan and so Porsche is coming up with the Mission E

These are exciting times in both fields, we are at the dawn of a paradigm shift and these two companies seems to be at their best to keep themselves relevant, let’s see if they can manage it.

Either way these are the parallels my mind came up with, i’m sure you guys might have some other ideas.


Please do share and have a good day :)