Performing general maintenance on a Boxster is very satisfying. Throughout my life, I have done many types of maintenance and repairs on my automobiles ranging from simple oil changes to swapping an engine and transaxle (OK, it was on a VW, but that still counts). At first, I was a little intimidated by the Porsche.

Dipped beam and side marker.
Dipped beam and side marker.
Image: Dakotahound

Over the past month, I have replaced both side markers and the left low-beam bulb (Porsche calls it the “dipped beam”). These are fairly simple tasks, but I would never have figured out how to do them without YouTube – the procedures are not intuitive. For example, replacing the low-beam bulb requires the use of a special tool. The tool is included in the Porsche tool kit. I have seen it there, but did not know how or why it was used.


When searching for instructions on YouTube, however, be sure to “get a second opinion.” Some of the videos were incomplete or incorrect, and following them would have caused damage to the part.

So far, the Boxster has not needed any major repairs, but I am becoming more confident in my abilities, and more confident in the logical Porsche design.

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