I spent a day photographing and driving latest generation Porsche Boxter S. Check out my photos and quick drive video to see and hear this glorious German machine in action.

Porsche Boxter S Quick Drive & Exhaust Sound Video

The Porsche Boxter has long been marred by stereotypes that paint it as a “lesser” Porsche. But after spending a day with a latest generation 981 Boxter S, I’m a full-fledged Boxter Believer.


The Boxter S has everything you want in a sports car: just enough straight line speed, perfect balance in corners, an outstanding engine note, and a convertible top that drops down to make your favorite driving road even more enjoyable.

This Boxter S was equipped with Porsche’s PDK transmission. I’m a hardcore three-pedals-and-a-stick evangelist, but Porsche’s PDK system is a stunning feat of engineering. It’s the first non-manual transmission I’ve tried that has wowed me. Shifts are stunningly quick, and combined with the 3.4L flat-six engine, the Porsche Boxter S can go from 0-60 MPH in 4.7 seconds.

There are certainly plenty of more practical cars out there, but there are very few cars that can match the Boxter in pure enjoyment on the road.


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