While I am thoroughly enjoying daily driving the C4, I am always thinking about where I will go next for an interesting way to drive to work. The obvious answer is to go to a C5, or maybe even an early C6. A viper (in Demuro spec) is what I my inner ten year old would really like to own next. However, a mid to late 90's GTS is more than I would like to spend, and a variety of things like tire cost and availability leave me inclined to think that viper is probably not really a viable choice for a 15-20k a year daily driver.

My realistic plan is to pick up a nice 996 in a year or two. My primary interest in a 996 is that they are probably the best bang for the buck, daily driveable big boy sports car out there right now. My inner 10 year old would also approve. The engine is in the wrong place, but part of me thinks that just might be fun for awhile. If early Caymans are starting to become reasonable, I may have to broaden my Stuttgart car search when the time comes. A Cayman, with the engine in the place God intended, would be so much better. I hadn’t really been seriously considering them, in part because I haven’t seen many out here getting into my ideal, sub 25k price range. I know that Boxsters are in my price range, but I’m not sure I’m interested in owning another convertible as a highway commuting car. I’m also not sure I would want to own another convertible in Southern NM anyway. It is pretty darn hot for a lot of the year down here.