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Cars frame how I think. A widely accepted metric for comparing the price of things internationally is the Big Mac index. In America the BMI is $4.82, in Brazil its $4.28, and in Philippines its $3.61. Common knowledge dictates that a Big mac costs more in europe than in America.


However, I also like to think of how expensive goods are in a country by thinking about how much cars cost. But not just Toyota corollas, luxury cars. Different countries have different taxes on luxury goods, so it’s interesting to see how much a base model porsche 911 costs around the world.

By quickly searching Porsche’s website and changing the country: a base 911 costs :

$84,000 USD in the United States

92,885 Euros in France

HK$ 1,978,000 in Hong Kong

NGN 32,350,850 in Nigeria

And in Singapore a new Porsche 911 costs an Arm and a Leg after paying for the COE.


How much does a Porsche 911 cost where you live? and do you see them very often? The main reason I’m writing this is because i’m supposed to be doing homework about emerging markets, but then a porsche 911 parked directly in front of me at starbucks

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