Porsche Experience in Atlanta review

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Yesterday I had nearly 2 hours of track time with a 718 Boxster S (PDK) and an instructor. Cost is $350.


Holy Fucking Shit.

There were five modules total:

Track laps: 5 at the beginning to get used to the car

Dynamics: 0-60 runs, launch control (weeeeeeeeeeee!), braking, and slalom. I cleared 60 in 4 seconds, and managed to get up to 32 mph in the slalom (never did this before - instructor said I did well).


Kickplate: learning how to recover from skids (under 20 mph I was fine, over 25 I was a mess)

Low friction circle: skid-plate covered in water to simulate driving in snow. Drifting is hard!


Track laps: I ended up doing 7 more laps at the end to see how well my driving improved. The laps were not timed unfortunately. I felt much more confident and comfortable, and managed to overtake a couple of other drivers.

I could have done more laps, but I managed to make myself nauseous. After a few minutes rest I did one lap with the instructor driving (weeeeeeeeeeee!), but only one - if I did any more I would have thrown up.


My dad was driving as well, he didn’t even make it to the last set of laps. The drifting made him dry heave. :(

I wholeheartedly recommend doing this, but take something for motion sickness beforehand!

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