Porsche Fun Facts With K-Roll #2

Today, we’re gonna talk about the controversial car that came after the Cayenne: The Panamera. Specifically, the 970 generation, gen-1.


1. At some point, some Porsches have had part of their production done at a Volkswagen plants. Both the 924 and 944 were produced at VW’s Neckarsulm plant, the 914/4's 1.7L engine was produced fully at a Karmann plant. The 970.1 Panamera’s bodyshells were constructed and painted at VW’s Hannover plant. The hand-assembly we’ve come to expect from Porsche was done at their own Leipzig plant.

2. Unlike the Cayenne of it’s time, the Panamera featured a Porsche-designed and constructed 3.6L V6. A first for Porsche.


3. The Panamera, like the equivalent gen Cayenne was also offered with a manual transmission. You’ll be heard pressed to find one.

Next time, I’ll do a racecar!

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