Porsche Golfwagon

I know you’ve heard me make this rant and see this macan before but this one really drives it home

I mean... a forester makes the macan look small.

Sidenote - found a typo on Toyota’s eBrochure for the Tacoma. Sent in an email and I just heard back that I was right, it was a typo (technical typo not some piddly grammatical one) and they will get right on doing absolutely nothing to change it. Also that I should note at the bottom of the brochure is says that it was printed before the vehicle went on sale so I guess that means information isn’t legally required to be accurate (?) and fixing a PDF is hard so no. its actually a pretty big typo too.



Approach/departure/breakover angles for the TRD pro are listed as


Which would be pretty amazing if true.

They wrote back and, this is my favorite part, they told me the REAL numbers are 29/23.5/21 Which can’t be true either because the standard off road model is listed as 32/23.5/21

Toyota - Get your shit together, put in a box, etc, etc.

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