Porsche madness

Early last winter, I decided that the idea of a 944 with an LS-swap was too cool to resist. In the process of exploring that I met a guy who has since become a good friend. I helped a bit on his re-build of a salvage 944 that had some front-end damage. Then yesterday I derailed his enjoyment of the finished product by showing him a well-priced Boxster that he went ahead and purchased.

In an effort to make peace with his wife for convincing him to get yet another car, I’d like to share with Oppo the opportunity to purchase his 944, if anyone is so inclined. I can vouch for the fact that it is in good shape and is worth the cost for the spare parts alone, not to mention what is on the car.


Since last winter I have decided (as some may recall) to spend a bit more for an LS engine in an actual Corvette, and I’m still saving my pennies for that. Otherwise, I’d buy this as a fun car, or maybe go through with the LS-swap. Perhaps you would like a fun car with the LS-swap potential?

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